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This knowledge anchors our philosophy at Harbor. Throughout their time at Harbor, we provide our students a nurturing, challenging, and developmentally appropriate setting that fosters growth and independence. Thank you for a wonderful, fun camp! The kids are looking forward to next summer already! The teachers and administrators bring out the best in each child by fostering their talents and allowing each individual personality to shine.

The Spiral Curriculum has offered our kids a unique opportunity to delve deeply into a single topic. I made a slideshow about the Serengeti using information and photos from the internet, then we put it on the SmartBoard so I could share it with my class. Scratch program games are fun because you get to design the characters and background and program what the keys do.

We loved camp and look forward to doing it again this year. It was nice to have the half day option when my son was just getting started, although we'll do full day this year. View Moreā€¦. At A Glance. Read More. Our program. Learn More. More than a mascot. Meet Calvin.

Harbor House Inn

I will work hard. Redwood is among the most resilient types of timber for building because of its ability to withstand elements, ward-off pests, and last centuries. Without the redwood, the railroad may not have continued its quest into the west. Without the demand for redwood, the town of Elk may have never made its mark. Each house was entitled to four lights and the monthly charge was one dollar. At first they were in operation only until midnight.

The Goodyear company was forced to close during the depression and the town was without electricity from until the P. The mill was abandoned and dismantled, the railroad tracks torn up and there was no work in town until when Daniels and Ross build a mill in the former lumberyard. Logs and lumber works carried by trucks and ships no longer called here. Thrasher bough the mill and conducted the business until the middle 60's when all materials were auctioned and Greenwood had seen the last of it's saw-mills.

The rugged and exposed coastline of Elk is home to some of the best fishing in Northern California.

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From lingcod and rockfish, abalone and sea urchin, these nutrient rich waters offer the perfect habitat for fishermen and divers alike. If you are not willing to get your feet wet, just wait for low tide and you can collect various types of seaweed, mussels, and occasionally abalone. Here is a list of the most common fish off the Mendocino coastline: These fish can be caught while fishing from shore, boat or even underwater while spearfishing:.

Here is a list of the edibles that can be foraged along the shore during low tides or while diving:. While the lumber industry found ways to move giant timber by floating them down rivers and streams, they inadvertently created the perfect place for family activities.

The timber that was cut in the mountains then was floated down the river where the logs congregated in the pools for easy transportation access. Log rolling was a dangerous sport, those more skilled could run from log to log without falling in the water. Beneath the floating timber, trout and steelhead schooled. It was a common activity for families to fish on the weekends and harvest trout for dinner throughout the week. Today, many of these streams are still home to the same spawning grounds.

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Even a small streamline can produce abundant amount of steelhead and trout. Keeping runoff pollution to a minimum helps to ensure the future survival of these species. If you walk down the bluff of Greenwood Beach, you will see where the stream pools during the summer months, this is the location Goodyear Lumber Company used to build a dam to store the floating logs and create a wealth-filled fishing spot. Ruminants from the dam can still be found abandoned on the beach. Matson, W.

Fort Bragg, California: Greenwood Hobbyists. Anytime the locals were moving from one place to another, they were always surrounded by nature and its bounty. Foraging was a year round activity, as the different seasons hosted varied fruits, fungi, nuts, seeds etc.. For about 6 months every year, mushrooms of several species were harvested. Many of the local mushrooms have a symbiotic relationship with the mycelium and trees. Usually mushrooms would fruit after a good rain was followed by vitamin D rich sunshine. During the late spring and into the summer months when rainfall was less common, foraging pursuits would shift as they would pick wild strawberries, blackberries, and huckleberries.

Today, Mendocino County is famous for their wild mustard that is still used and sold in the Elk deli.

About the Inn

Blackberries and huckleberries were also plentiful, and a picnic and berry-picking outing were often combined. Here is a list of the wild mushrooms that were often picked during the Winter and Spring:.

The town's name, Elk, suggests that there are wild elk roaming the meadows in abundance. Although no elk can be found, the land still has a thriving population of black tailed deer, wild pigs, turkey, rabbits, and other small game. Most of the land is privately owned or controlled by the state, which helps protect the animals and their survival. Memories of Cuffey's Cove and Early Greenwood. As you meander down the windy road of Highway , you will find yourself nestled right into the heart of a coastal redwood forest.

In the late 's Elk and the surrounding area was only accessible by ship, until prospectors realized that redwood timber would fetch a premium dollar over the lengthy process it took to mine gold. Lumber companies brought people to the little town to start colonizing the area.

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Oxen were used to transport logs to ships, and over time rail cars were used to generate greater economies of scale. The lumber industry is the one to thank for their move up the coast, their jobs were dangerous and took brave men to continue the work.

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Now we have those who protect the forest to thank for its preservation. There were many accidents and many lives were lost. If you look southwest from the Harbor House Inn, you will see three protruding rock formations leaving the bluff and leading to a couple large islands. These rocks were known as the three sisters. When the lumber companies were in operation, there was a loading wharf that led from the bluff out to a dock on the big island. This was the primary method for transporting lumber from land on to the main five transport ships named: Greenwood , Whitesboro , Alcatraz , Alcazar, Helen P.

Drew Step back in time with the Redwood room, a historic gardenview room located on the first floor of the inn. The Redwood room maintains the original old growth redwood panels and wood floors that date back to Handsomely remodeled with high ceilings and warm mahogany tones, this cozy space exudes comfort and luxury. A private fireplace, seating area, and a built-in window seat beckon guests to unwind during their stay. The Redwood room includes a Queen sized bed, feather down pillows and comforter, and luxurious natural fiber bed linens and throws.

Recently remodeled, the bathroom has been decorated with sea blue artisan tiles and features a glass-enclosed shower. All rooms come with WiFi, guest robes and slippers, and an in-room safe.

Welcome to Inn on the Harbor

The bright and airy Greenwood room is located on the first floor of the Inn. This beautiful corner guest room has views of the garden, and has been remodeled in pale yellow, light grey, and neutral hues.

The room includes a Queen sized bed, feather down pillows and comforter, and luxurious natural fiber bed linens and throws. Two master chairs surround a cozy fireplace. The spacious white-tiled bathroom includes a shower with a teak bench seat. Note this room has recently been updated to be handicap accessible with roll-in shower entry and handrails. The Meadowview is a beautiful corner guest room on the second floor of the inn. Meadowview overlooks the garden, and has been remodeled in cooling blue and ivory tones.

This cheerful room has a Queen sized bed, feather and down pillows and comforter, luxurious natural fiber bed linens and throws, and a personal fireplace. The spacious white-tiled bathroom has recently been remodeled, and includes a glass-enclosed shower. A cozy built-in window seat provides guests with a place to pause and relax while overlooking the property.

Cypress is a newly remodeled large corner suite on the first floor of the Inn, facing the majestic Pacific Ocean. Elegantly appointed in calming neutral colors, this spacious light filled room has a California King bed outfitted with feather and down pillows, luxurious natural fiber bed linens and throws. The space features a cozy fireplace as well as a relaxing sitting area for guests.

The newly remodeled bathroom features a claw footed bathtub. All rooms come with WiFi, robes and slippers, and an in-room safe. Harbor is a large oceanview corner suite located on the second floor of the Inn. Decorated in a palette of cool blues, whites, and neutral colors, the Harbor rooms mirrors the majestic ocean views that can be seen through it's large glass windows. The suite includes a king sized bed with plush feather and down pillows, luxurious natural fiber linens and throws, as well as two spacious french dressers.

A private fireplace and cozy couches provide guests with ample room to unwind. The Harbor room provides a front row seat to the panoramic views of Wharf Rock, as well as the Harbor House Inn's own backyard garden. The corner Edgewood cottage provides guests with a partial view of the ocean.

Guests seeking relaxation and respite can walk through the french doors of the sitting room to get to the private terrace.