Technical Manual TM 4-42.21 (FM 10-16) General Fabric Repair July 2013

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Early thimbles were sometimes made from whale bone , horn , or ivory. Natural sources were also utilized such as Connemara marble , bog oak , or mother of pearl. Rarer works from thimble makers utilized diamonds , sapphires , or rubies. Advanced thimblemakers enhanced thimbles with semi-precious stones to adorn the apex or along the outer rim.

Cabochon adornments are sometimes made of cinnabar , agate , moonstone , or amber. Originally, thimbles were used simply solely for pushing a needle through fabric or leather as it was being sewn.

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Since then, however, they have gained many other uses. From the 16th century onwards [5] silver thimbles were regarded as an ideal gift for ladies. Early Meissen porcelain and elaborate, decorated gold thimbles were also given as 'keepsakes' and were usually quite unsuitable for sewing.

TM 4-42.21 General Fabric Repair: July 2013

This tradition has continued to the present day. In the early modern period, thimbles were used to measure spirits , and gunpowder, which brought rise to the phrase "just a thimbleful". Prostitutes used them in the practice of thimble-knocking where they would tap on a window to announce their presence. Before the 18th century the small dimples on the outside of a thimble were made by hand punching, but in the middle of that century, a machine was invented to do the job.

If one finds a thimble with an irregular pattern of dimples, it was likely made before the s. Another consequence of the mechanization of thimble production is that the shape and the thickness of the metal changed. Early thimbles tend to be quite thick and to have a pronounced dome on the top. The metal on later ones is thinner and the top is flatter. Collecting thimbles became popular in the UK when many companies made special thimbles to commemorate the Great Exhibition held in the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park , London.

In the 19th century, many thimbles were made from silver ; however, it was found that silver is too soft a metal and can be easily punctured by most needles.

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Charles Horner solved the problem by creating thimbles consisting of a steel core covered inside and out by silver, so that they retained their aesthetics but were now more practical and durable. He called his thimble the Dorcas , and these are now popular with collectors. There is a small display of his work in Bankfield Museum , Halifax , England. Silver thimble commemorating the Great Exhibition. Early American thimbles made of whale bone or tooth featuring miniature scrimshaw designs are considered valuable collectibles.

Such rare thimbles are prominently featured in a number of New England Whaling Museums. During the First World War , silver thimbles were collected from "those who had nothing to give" by the British government and melted down to buy hospital equipment. Leaving a sandalwood thimble in a fabric store was a common practice for keeping moths away.

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  6. People who collect thimbles are known as digitabulists. One superstition about thimbles says that if you have three thimbles given to you, you will never be married.

    Thimblettes also known as rubber finger, rubber thimbles and finger cones are soft thimbles, made predominately of rubber, used primarily for leafing through or counting documents, bank notes, tickets, or forms. They also protect against paper cuts as a secondary function. Unlike thimbles, the softer thimblettes become worn over time. They are considered disposable and sold in boxes. The surface is dimpled with the dimples inverted to provide better grip.

    Thimblettes are sized from 00 through to 3.

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    A finger cot is a smooth rubber "glove finger" used to protect the finger or the item being handled. A variation on the thimble used by sailmakers and leather workers is the sewing palm , known by various others names such as seaming palm , sail palm , sailmaker's palm or roping palm. It is used by grasping a needle between the thumb and indexing finger, with the eye end of the needle against the pitted plate, and pushing the needle with the entire arm.

    In the Parker Brothers board game Monopoly , first created in , the thimble was one of the eight traditional metal game pieces used to mark a player's position on the game board. However, this piece is being replaced in the new versions of the board game in August following public consultation. Thimbles are given as gifts in Peter Pan , who thinks thimbles are kisses. In the movie Batman Returns , Catwoman , played by Michelle Pfeiffer , used thimbles to create the base of her claws.

    The character Elizabeth in the video game BioShock Infinite uses a thimble to cover her severed little finger. Video montages and series of clips are often called "thimble collections". In the movie Chicken Run , Nick and Fetcher attempted to sell a couple of thimbles to Ginger as a "quality, hand crafted tea set", among a slew of other items. The thimble, just over a half inch high, was painted in a rare lemon-yellow color about the band. It also had tiny harbor scene hand painted within gold-trimmed cartouches. The rim was scalloped with fired gold on its bottom edge. The thimble now belongs to a Meissen collector in Canada who wanted it for its lemon-yellow color.

    Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview This technical manual, TM It can be used by personnel in both mobile and fixed repair units. This manual consists of general instructions for the inspection and repair of military clothing, textiles, canvas, and webbing.

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