Student Athlete 101: College Life Made Easy On & Off The Field

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But with more than 1 million high school players and only about NFL openings each year, the odds are astronomical that a player will make it from high school to the highest levels of the sport. That includes preparing kids for the game at every level, teaching them the game and giving them every opportunity to showcase their talents.

HSPD offers players the opportunity to improve on the building blocks of the game, while strengthening the characteristics that breed success away from the field. HSPD recognizes the importance of effective youth coaching and mentorship in the player development process. The PREP Series is an invitation-only one-day seminar that engages student-athletes in classroom and on-field sessions that provide position-specific techniques and training, and put them in front of NCAA representatives who share the latest about eligibility and recruiting.

The strongest players are also empowered leaders.

The program stresses the importance of a well-rounded set of abilities to augment their athletic prowess. To be prepared for the next level of college sports, prep athletes must be leaders in the classroom as well as in the locker room. These programs exist to prepare high school students for what lies ahead at the next level: college. At the college level, the NFL wants to give student-athletes every opportunity to showcase their abilities, setting up players for success at every turn. The newfound challenges that come with balancing football and the rigors of higher education offer players a preview of the demands at the next level.

To help ease the learning curve for student-athletes, the NFL works with the NCAA to provide the latest information about working within the rules to remain eligible. After making the decision to permit underclassmen three years removed from high school to apply for the draft, the NFL developed the College Advisory Committee for team scouts to inform players where they are likely to be drafted — if at all.

This protects players from making the decision to leave college too early and prematurely giving up both their college eligibility and the chances of improving their draft status. In , 44 of the underclassmen who entered the draft went unselected and forfeited their remaining eligibility. The board counterbalances any hype that players may read and hear about themselves in the sports media by providing more realistic evaluations from the men and women who assess talent for NFL teams.

Each college team can have the board evaluate five underclassmen; any additional players are approved on a case-by-case basis. This is a handbook for men that are entering the wonderful and confusing world of This is a handbook for men that are entering the wonderful and confusing world of fatherhood. New Dads will learn what to expect in their new life as a father. Quotes, facts, tips and plenty of advice will assist and The saddest part is that parents, college and church do not in any way prepare The saddest part is that parents, college and church do not in any way prepare a young man for the harsh realities of the dating world.

One thing that inspires me to write is the knowing that somewhere around the world, CincoDeMayo Chinese Edition. The French had not lost a single battle since Napoleon Bonaparte lost the Battle Collapse: 2nd Edition. COLLAPSE, the 2nd edition, chronicles the lives of the Wingate Family as they slowly descend from a life of affluence into poverty, desperation, and finally deliverance.

Their journey mirrors the progression of a total collapse of United States culture and Enjoy Your Life! Lipson 4 throughout the west coast. This study was conducted because the conference is aware of the time commitment student-athletes make to their sport and want to determine how much they should be paid. The study showed that over 85 percent of athletes were happy with their college experience even though it may cause stress and some feel exiled from the rest of the student body.


This results in less time for sleep and studying. Sixty-six percent of athletes believed that they are not treated unfairly, but also said that they are not the average student, which just continues to support the claim that student-athletes are not students but employees. Pac athletes believe that participating in a Division I sport limits their campus social life.

Seventy percent said their athletic commitment prevents them from joining on-campus communities or clubs.

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Seventy-five percent said that they do not have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities because of required school activities, such as speaking series or community service. Student-athletes on scholarship at Arizona State are not allowed to join Greek life or play intramural sports because the school believes it is not in their best interests due to time conflicts. Some of the students surveyed believe that having friends outside of sports would provide stress relief and make college life easier, but it is hard to meet friends with a lack of social life outside of sports.

These problems are similar to those of someone with a full-time job. Players are responsible for going to class, although players miss days or weeks due to college road trips. For example, an NCAA basketball player is expected to succeed in 5. Lipson 5 class while missing weeks due to March madness and college championship tournaments. A staggering 80 percent of student-athletes have missed multiple classes due to competitions during the — season, and over 50 percent say they do not have nearly enough time to study for tests.

In the study, the primary concern for student- athletes was their ability to get enough sleep and succeed in their studies. Seventy-one percent of student-athletes said that they do not get enough sleep during the regular season. Although the students found their sport rewarding, by the end of the year, the athletes were disturbed at the revenue the conference and school received from their athletic competitions. The revenue from these nationally televised games goes towards the school. According to the New York Times and the NCAA, a survey in surveyed college athletes around the country and an overwhelming number said that they were athletes first and students second.

In addition, many students explained that the school also considers them athletes first and students second. Thus, many college football players major in general 6. Lipson 6 studies or areas that are considered fairly easy.

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However, these majors do not necessarily position the student-athlete to exceed in life after school Gutting This puts immense pressure on the athlete to succeed in their sport in the hopes of making it to the next level as a professional football, basketball, or baseball player. This defines their sport as their major, and not their studies.

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For example, a course about Facebook an actual class offered at ASU will be much easier than macroeconomics. This scares athletes away from becoming a business or engineering major. Now, the NCAA may argue that they put the student in a position to succeed and that many of them graduate with a degree.

However, if the degree does not hold any weight, how can they succeed in life after college athletics? Saying you were the starting power forward for your college team on your resume does not translate into a job in the corporate world.

Meal planning made easy for student-athletes

Many athletes can only become coaches after their career fizzles out because they do not know anything else; some athletes cannot even hold a regular job after college because they were not properly educated. He never graduated with a degree, and has a family to provide for, but he admits that he had trouble finding work after his basketball career ended.


Is this an example of poor financial management or a poor academic support system when he was in college? The school will point to the student because he did not take advantage of his opportunity to get an education. I believe it is the 7. After a study in , Gutting found that the two highest grossing sports, basketball and football, gave out full athletic scholarships compared to soccer and track, which only give out partial athletic scholarships, with the rest being academic scholarships. Considering how much time an athlete devotes to his sport, they should be far superior academically because of their lack of study time compared to non-athlete students.

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This is not the case, as the same study found that athletic scholarship standards are far below those of normal academic scholarships. For example, the average SAT scores of incoming athletes during were points lower than non-athlete students. It also takes a student-athlete an average of six years to complete a degree, but their athletic scholarship is only for four years because that is the amount of years a player is eligible Gutting I interviewed a friend of mine, Chase Gorham, for the purpose of this paper.

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He is a recent graduate from the University of Arizona UofA , and a former long snapper on the football team on a full athletic scholarship. He talked about his experiences with the previous coaching staff under Mike Stoops, as well as how the basketball program operated. I asked Chase about academics, if the football team took studies seriously, and how the school dealt with this. I also asked Chase to talk to me about his experience with his academic schedule while he was at Arizona. He told me that the football team was able to schedule classes before the rest of the students at UofA, and that was the norm at most schools.

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Although it was meant so that players could schedule classes around football, they used it as a chance to take the easiest classes as advised by the football staff. I specifically 8. The star players were not students; they were employees who were the face of the school. They were stars that could see themselves on billboard in Tucson and see their face all over the UofA website C. Gorham, personal communication, February 23 I asked him to elaborate on his claim that star players are employees.