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The goal is to help every believer live a Purpose Driven life. They calendar by purpose.

Churches in the New Testament

The purposes are the determining factor in deciding what events are scheduled. They build by purpose.

Starting New Churches: Churches in the New Testament

Buildings are seen as ministry tools, not monuments. They must serve the purposes, and never become more important than the purposes.


They evaluate by purpose. They regularly ask: Are we balancing all five purposes?

Church Planting: Purpose - LCMC

Is there a better way to fulfill each purpose? Most Purpose Driven Churches are built from the outside-in, rather than in the traditional way from the inside out. You build a healthy multidimensional ministry by focusing on one level of commitment at a time.

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Razor sharp focus on helping people find and follow Jesus, along with careful and regular evaluation, are always marks of high performing congregations. When it comes to growing churches, we reap what we sow!

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Prev Parkway Church, Victoria, Texas. Twelve Characteristics of a Purpose Driven Church.

A Practical How-To Training for Church Planters

Discipleship , Evangelism , Fellowship , News , Worship. There are, however, twelve characteristics that purpose driven churches share: 1. They budget by purpose. Every expenditure is categorized by the purpose it relates to.

Starting New Churches On Purpose (10)

Share on email. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Read More. Has God really called you to start a church?

Welcome to New City Church

The truth is, many church starters talk themselves into starting a church. Some are disgruntled staff members who think they I consider it a blessing that I get to work with church planters everyday.

Church of Tares DOCUMENTARY - Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive - Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, etc

Many have done exhaustive research and months of preparation in the area of planning. There will be people along your church planting journey who will challenge you to surrender the vision that God has given you. Do not surrender it. In the early An age-old question for pastors: What is a new way to welcome people into the church? Starting and growing a church is one of the most difficult things to Your role as pastor will change as your church grows.

You must lead larger. As the church grows, it will become increasingly difficult for you to eat lunch with Every single time we publish an article on pastors. Everyone seems Be encouraged, God does not use