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Except I do believe it because scripture recorded it. They had no reason to be nervous. Solomon wrote that, and he was considered the wisest person save Jesus that ever walked the earth. And yet, Jeremy here is essentially saying that Solomon was deluded when He penned that. Should we believe the wisest man ever save Jesus?

Or should we believe Jeremy? This a strange dichotomy you are setting up here.

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Different missions? I am amazed at how you misunderstand and distort everything I am saying. I could go point by point through your criticism and try to explain to you what I was saying, but I think that you would likely misunderstand and distort that as well. Regardless, it appears that my blog posts only make you angry. If that is the case, why read them?

Joshua and Jericho

Life is too short to spend time reading a blog that only angers you… Please feel free to simply stop reading my blog. The first Joshua was threatened by those who were different and killed them where they ate and drank. This comes off like intentional dishonest propaganda from someone with an agenda. Do you believe there are christian churches here in the US wiping out all the citizens of a town, or berg?

I could provide quote after quote from religious leader after religious leader that endorses the bombing and killing of our neighbors in the Middle East … and all in the name of God. I love, value, and respect all Jewish people, and I learn from them and their writings on an almost weekly basis. Once again, let me reiterate: Life is too short to get this worked up about something some guy writes on a blog.

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If my posts about the love, grace, and forgiveness of God make you this angry, simply stop reading. There are several self-described Christian churches in the United States whose members have been convicted of murdering, or attempting to murder the inhabitants of the town. Skipping those, look for the churches that oppose the use of force and coercion by government authoriies. Such churches are few and far between. The rest have sanctioned the murder of everybody in the village.

Great post Jeremy.

Redeeming Grace Fellowship's Very Own Joshua Hebert

Both Yehoshua were just expressing the prerogatives of kings and priests: Exodus The first by securing a first step of sanctification by the slaughter of even innocent victims, and the second by bringing salvation to a great number in a less hostile environment. Nonetheless, the Year 70 CE was the Year of the Lord, the gentle, gracious and meek one, with the slaughter of thousands of thousands in Jerusalem by the Romans.

How many readers of this site have called into question, the violent verses in the Quran?

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Do we hate all Islam when we confront our Muslim friends about these texts? Why is this? Is this fair to God? Are you bowing down to a book? This is not so far fetched is it, since we see this happening more and more. Oh, wait a minute- that did happen in Hiroshima, and Nagasaki! Finally, what is your authority? Is it the authority of the Holy Spirit?

Redeeming the time By Apostle Joshua Selman

If so, that is where Jesus said authority should come. Is it the Bible? Does The Bible give itself that authority? Many honest believers think not! Consider the vulnerable history of the Bible. Consider the actual people who physically wrote the Bible: The ancient Jew: They did not go into Babylonian exile, for nothing!

Thank you Jeremy. Yes, it takes greater courage to follow Jesus into self-sacrificial love for our enemies than it does to cry out for their death and destruction. Thanks for the lessons in this which are made so clear.

Pastor Joshua Mayer | redeeming-grace

I shall never be able to read of Joshua, son of Nun, in the same way that I used to, and without contrasting his actions with those of Yeshua, our Lord. Thank you for helping us see the real Yeshua. What a blessing!

4 Redeeming Moments Forgotten in the Stories of

What life He brings! What joy! Sounds like you really got it in for our Joshua…. Also not much here about smashing up the temple etc. You draw good parallels between them, but if you learn a tiny bit about the ways of the ancient world, the only ways to wage war, and hence survive, were to enslave or kill. Israel was chosen by God, and the only way to survive and survive as a pure race was to eradicate the existing Canaanites…who probably were pretty terrible.

As Jesus said, in the parable of the sower, bad seed is taken out and burned. Of course we must follow Jesus — its just not as simple as a peaceful God or an angry God. God has feelings, and its up to us to worry about how we make Him feel, not the other way around. Is the old testament God different from Jesus?

Pain and Struggle

Is OT allowing or creating violence, and Jesus is not? Is God the same yesterday, today, forever? Is it possible that God works in different ways at different times? So anyone who labels themselves a Christian is in fact a follower of Christ? I think we have a problem in this country that is similar to national sot Germany, Americans have linked their church, religion, teachings to the party.

The party policy and actions often override the teachings of Jesus because party politics are of more importance to them than the understanding of the word of God. I believe that America is becoming, or has become an apostate nation. The Church in China is growing rapidly through persecution. Iran has one of the fastest growing churches in the world.

That said, I do believe in defending ones self. That too needs to be defined as party politics has redefined what defending ones self is in this world. Yes, this post raised a lot of questions and answered few of them. How I work that out will have to wait for a different post or book, more likely.

Redeeming Hope receives church planting grant

I completely agree with you that we have wedded religion and politics so that God is seen to be blessing our violence against others. It is sad and shocking. I would also like to read further blog posts related to how you are able to see both God revealed in Christ in the NT similar to how God is revealed in the OT.

Tell me how you make sense out of condemning Joshua for doing something that God commanded him to do not saying I like what he did at all… it is very confusing to me? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.