Piano Quartets No. 3 in B Minor, Opus 3: For Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello (Kalmus Edition)

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The cello part is not at all difficult. The piano part has a horizontal orientation while the clarinet and cello parts are vertical.

Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky, Op. 35a - A. Arensky (1861-1906)

Notes on the sources and the editing are included. EMB, , SS, includes parts and score. Ferenc Farkas was a Hungarian composer and music educator who composed a number of popular pieces for woodwinds. The title comes from Italian and means memories, remembrances, or recollections. The initial Andante moderato in this work is followed by alternating faster and slower sections. The parts are two pages long. Click on the cover image to view a sample page from the score. C Trio in E-flat major Op. Jeanne-Louise Farrenc was a French composer she studied with Anton Riecha and was professor of piano at the Paris Conservatoire for 30 years.

This work was composed in This trio has been reported to contain both Romantic and Classical influences.

Conference Library Holdings by Instrumentation

The piano part appears to be the most difficult of the parts. I believe a college level trio with a good pianist could probably put this together fairly quickly. C Clarinetten-Liederkreis for clarinet and string quartet by Michael Finnissy. Verlag Neue Musik, , SS, includes all parts and score.

In this section

Michael Finnissy is an English composer and pianist. This piece has 5 movements I. Poco Allegretto, II.

Largo Appassionato, III. Folkolorico: quasi parlando, IV.

Music for Clarinet and Strings

Vigoroso, and V. A Capriccio. Movement III. The string parts are important and far more than just accompaniment. Click here to listen to each movement. C Five Bagatelles Op. This arrangement was made several years ago but has only been published recently. You will need to provide your own clarinet part. Dedicated to Eduard Brunner. In four movements: Adagio, Allegro, Grave, and Rondo. These parts are typeset. This is an advanced work with a duration of about 26 minutes. Click here to watch a performance on YouTube. Schott, , SS, 51 pages. Score for above in a very neat manuscript.

Schott, , SS, includes parts and piano score. Preludio Largo , II. Allegrissimo, III. Scherzando, IV. Largo, and V. Here is a video of the first movement with Julie DeRaoche playing the clarinet part. The other movements are also on YouTube.

C Trio in A minor Op. The date of composition is unknown, but it is thought to have been around In three movements I. Anmutig bewegt, III. Andante, and IV. College level with a duration of about This is a very pleasant piece. You can listen to excerpts here. Amadeus, , SS, parts only. Johann Nepomuk Fuchs was a deputy to Haydn at Esterhazy. This piece is dated It is a four movement work: I. Allegro non molto, II.

String Quartets Box 1

Adagio, III. Allegretto grazioso. The parts are pages long with fairly large print. Early college level at most. Adult amateur ensembles should have no problem with this piece. Music Rara, , SS. This is a major work that brings out the best qualities of each instrument. This piece was originally written for Giora Feidman and first performed in Issac the Blind was, about years ago, the greatest Kabbalist rabbi of Provence.

K'vakarat represent the three languages spoken in 6, years of Jewish history Aramaic, Yiddish, and Hebrew. For clarinet in A, B-flat and Bass Clarinet one performer. This is a challenging piece, especially for the clarinet, first violin and the viola. There are quite a view videos of performances on YouTube. Schirmer, , SS, 20 pages. These eight duos were written for Benny Goodman by the composer. Larry Comb's recording is recommended.

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G Serenade Op. Rosewood, , SB, includes all parts and piano score.

List of compositions by Franz Schubert

Hartmann was a Danish church musician, conductor, and composer of German descent. Three movements: 1. Idylle Andante , 2.