Man/Machine Interaction in the Work of Stanley Kubrick

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He likes to get people and suck what they're doing out of their heads. As for AI, Cameron reports that "Kubrick was interested in Digital Domain, passingly, to do some visual effects, and he showed me some of the artwork for AI.

There was a lot of water interaction stuff - very difficult. But apparently he doesn't. Word began circulating that Kubrick planned to do all the AI effects himself, in his home workshop. The filmmaker has been known to operate his own handheld camera, and his hands-on enthusiasm is legendary.

Kubrick will call up a given technology company - the manufacturer of a sound system, a film stock, or a piece of camera equipment - have the thing delivered, test it exhaustively, and notably not pay for it, explained one industry observer. Then Kubrick will send back extensive notes on what the machine can and can't do.

In this case, Kubrick got the local boys from Quantel to set him up with a demo of the Domino, a computer graphics workstation known for its ease of use and real-time playback. Although the machine was said to have enthralled the filmmaker, his plan to do the special effects himself seems to have been scrapped; Kubrick put in another call to ILM this fall, this time requesting that Muren fly to England to read the script he had written himself.

Will the year-old Kubrick ever realize this high tech opus? According to some of the more out-there speculation, he's already begun. One rumor - popular on the Net - holds that he's filmed two short segments of AI since the project began almost a decade ago to incorporate the natural aging of his young star, said to be Jurassic Park's Joseph Mazzello. While a spokesperson for Mazzello confirmed that in there was a deal brokered between the actor and director, she said it was for another stalled Kubrick project, The Aryan Papers, and had nothing to do with AI.

Man/Machine Interaction in the Work of Stanley Kubrick

A more plausible scenario, circulating not on the Net but in Hollywood, is that Warner Bros. Then they'd set him loose in the toy shop. One hopes, when all is said and done, that Kubrick still has the desire to play. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. More Stories. Tech in Two. The Monitor. Author: Angela Watercutter Angela Watercutter. Bare Facts.

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Author: Tom Simonite Tom Simonite. Cantina Talk. Like a lot of photographers, he liked to shoot women. This is the actress Betsy von Furstenberg. Mostly, Kubrick's women were not celebrities. He liked to find beauty in the ordinary. He was also fascinated by the world of work.

This is a student carrying textbooks. Kubrick gravitated toward performers. This is Johnny Grant, the radio personality.

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Showgirls at the Copacabana Club — This image of a sideshow barker was probably taken in Coney Island. And you thought your tattoos and piercings were daring. That's a rollerskating chimpanzee. Another girl in a babydoll dress.

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Feel familiar? Kubrick liked to shoot fighters. This is Walter Cartier. These kids are boxing in the Police Athletic League.

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This is a still from 'The Day of the Fight,' a short film Kubrik made in Was this scene an early inspiration for the latter part of his career? Buildings and heights are another repeated theme in Kubrick's photography. That's a shoeshine boy on the fence. More shoeshine boys, in