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For those who prefer a more relaxed approach to countryside recreation, there are a number of stately homes to visit, including the famous Chatsworth House. Alternatively you could get a relaxing aerial view of your surroundings by taking a cable car down the hillside at the Heights of Abraham country park. To the north-west of Manchester lies Cumbria, home to the beautiful Lake District.

As the name suggests, the region is famous for its many lakes and the surrounding mountains.

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The Lake District is the second largest national park in the UK. Home to Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, and some of the country's biggest lakes, the area's unique beauty draws millions of visitors each year. The mountain treks and hiking trails will lead you through some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in England, and you can take a boat ride on one of the many lakes - a wonderful way to see the countryside.

After an active day of exploring there are lots of quaint, cosy pubs where you can try Cumbria's famous cuisine, in particular its Cumberland sausages. The Lake District has also been a place of inspiration for many celebrated writers, including Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth, and you can visit the houses where they lived and created their most famous works.

Both are set in stunning villages, which you can explore on foot. You might even want to stop off and sample tea and homemade cakes in one of the many traditional English teashops. Welsh is one of the oldest languages in Europe, and the country from which it originated has retained much of its old world charm. You can explore the rich and interesting history of the area, and experience a bit of traditional Welsh culture, less than an hour from Manchester. The North Wales coast is famed for its spectacular landscape, and has plenty to offer water sports fans. It also has some of the most picturesque mountainous regions in the UK, and is home to Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales.

Living in Manchester. What makes Manchester unique? Manchester has more than licensed premises in the city centre, from the Manchester Arena which with over 21, seats is the largest indoor arena in Europe through to any number of specialist venues catering for a huge range of musical tastes. Greater Manchester has the highest number of theatre seats per head of population outside of London, and covers the whole spectrum of fringe, opera, classical music and dance productions.

The city also boasts four professional orchestras, the only Comedy Store located outside of London, and a renowned independent cinema. There are numerous literary festivals hosted across the year, as well as critically acclaimed exhibitions from world famous artists.

What makes Manchester unique?

Facilities include SportCity — a dedicated district in east Manchester for sports such as football, athletics and cycling - and the National Cycling and Aquatics Centres, both built for the Commonwealth Games. Manchester city centre at night. Manchester's convenient tram network. St Peter's Square Manchester. Deansgate Locks in Manchester.

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Old Trafford football stadium, home to Manchester United F. Manchester's popular attractions Manchester is full of fun things to do and unique places to visit. Among them, you will find: Gig culture. A world-renowned music scene. Art galleries. Over 30 museums and galleries. Industrial heritage. More than 95km of canals and six steam engines. Shopping heaven.

There are 42 traditional markets, selling everything from food to clothes.

Green space. Thousands of acres of parks and countryside including the beautiful Peak District National Park. Nightlife in Manchester Manchester is famed for being one of the UK's liveliest cities, and whether you're looking for a gourmet dinner, upmarket wine bar, traditional 'real ale' pub, or place to dance the night away, Manchester has it all.

Sport in Manchester Manchester is home to two of the biggest names in sport: Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs. This outdoor marketplace has vendors lining the street selling items from T-shirts to keychains. Souvenir and gift shopping is highly recommended to be done here if you stay for the weekend and remember to keeping small change. This place is overflowing with people, both locals and tourists and is a great place to put your bargaining skills to the test. Live music ring from bars and pubs aligning with street vendors and people offering some happy times, but also pay attention to your belongings in the crowd.

The limbs are probably the best part though, so stay away from the gut. There is an amazing lady that can whip up an instantaneous crepe, her quick toss of the batter and slicing bananas was one of the best performances I watched. The Wat Pho Temple is the original Thai medical and massage school and has trained the best practitioners of massage you can find.

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Go ahead and indulge yourself. Remember to pay some respects to the Reclining Buddha as well, undoubtedly the largest and most relaxed statue I have ever prayed and bowed to. A strong influence of Buddhism evidently exists in Thai culture. Wat Pho is just one of many temples that exist. Now we leave the city life to venture into a natural reservation where you can actually see clear skies.

A renewed waterfront has transformed Cleveland’s nightlife

Chiang Mai is for nature-lovers and those who prefer the calm and slow lifestyle. Here are a few wild attractions that really lets you connect to nature:. Chiang Mai Night Safari is not your typical zoo with observation of caged wildlife. It occurs well after sundown. Exotic animals such as white porcupines and raccoons are like pets you can have sit on your lap.

An open bus tour takes you around the whole park to have a close encounter with the animals. For an even closer encounter, lure them in with food. The giraffes will crane those long necks down to you to yank those treats from your hand and the baby hogs will chase after the tour bus squealing for more treats.

You can pet and embrace the animals, so long as they let you. Here we make our way straight to the wild beast of the jungle.

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As fierce as they are known to be, the tigers spend about an average 16 hours of sleep per day in order to save their energy for hunting. More like beauty rest because they are breathtakingly gorgeous. Tigers are pretty cool, but if you want something even more thrilling and unbelievable, you have to see real elephants in Thailand. Elephants are everywhere—tops, pants, bags, coin purses, key chains, on the streets carrying a family, or in an open and free area of land. Elephants are the symbol of Thailand.