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Hamlet goes with Horatio to the castle and waits. Finally, the Ghost appears and beckons Hamlet to follow him. The Ghost then speaks, telling Hamlet about the circumstances surrounding his murder. He further explains his terrible condition and the only method by which he can be freed.

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Have they ever experienced an impulse to revenge some wrong done to them in their own lives? What did they do with that impulse? Discuss how revenge is both a noun and a verb,.

When he first speaks, he must carefully choose strong words that will inspire and convince Hamlet to act. For the Ghost, eternal peace depends on the language he uses.

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Ask student to identify the verbs in the scene. The teacher should highlight these if using a screen projection of the electronic text or have student individually highlight the verbs in their copies. List all the verbs from the scene. Define these verbs together as a large group or in small groups.

Lesson Plans for Hamlet

Give Worksheet 1 to students with one list of generic verbs from this scene and another list of vivid verbs from the scene. Have them change the list of generic verbs to vivid verbs.

Shakespeare for Life: Hamlet

They may consult a thesaurus. Then have them change the vivid verbs to more generic ones. In small groups, have students reread the Ghost scene from Hamlet. As they read, have them replace the generic verbs in the text with their own choice of vivid verbs that depict a more specific action. Discuss how the new verbs change the scene.

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Again discuss how this affects the meaning and intensity of the scene. For the purposes of this lesson, the teacher calls out a generic verb and has students act it out. The teacher then calls out a vivid verb and has them act that one out. A wonderful way to reinforce the verbs learned in this lesson is by using the crossword puzzle student resource in PDF form.

This crossword can be done in a whole class setting, small groups, or individually. Additionally, the crossword puzzle can be used as a competition. For example, the first three students who solve the crossword correctly get to choose from a prize box. Give the interactive to the students without the list of verbs previously studied in class. Add to Learning Path. How it maps to the curriculum SC English. Strand: Plays. Report this resource.

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