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HR organizations that are guiding their business through an increasingly challenging talent environment are taking deliberate steps to adopt emerging digital technologies such as:. They are beginning to help senior executives address full-time and contingent workforce issues before making the next investment or eliminating a budget line item.

But above everything else, HR organizations are not only providing the experiences their prospective and existing employees expect. They are emerging as knowledge partners and trusted advisors that are helping their businesses overcome disruption from the competition and achieve market leadership.

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Get to know the preconfigured end-to-end HR processes, capabilities, and delivery approach that can help your HR organization bring sustainable, long-term business change in a fast time-to-value approach. Read the Digitalist Magazine and get the latest insights about the digital economy that you can capitalize on today. Klaus Berghoffer is a Marketing and Communication Senior with 31 years of working experience in the IT industry and a technical university background.

Klaus has contributed to large IT companies as well as 15 years for startups in fast-growth markets. He brings a history of cultural diversity from living in different countries as well as diverse working experience from different fields. Industry 4. All rights reserved. Sitemap Terms of Use Privacy Policy. All rights reserved worldwide.

Catalyst of change - with the Youth of Hear Us

How can this be combated? Change your view of the traditional marketing funnel. Making your customer the center point of your brand strategy is the ultimate key to success. The industry has become oversaturated with data. While advertisers understand what the data means, many continue to struggle with what to do with it to make an impact.

The question that is front and center for many advertisers is how can we bridge the gap between media and creative using data? Consistently refreshing and reanalyzing data should become a priority for advertisers to keep up with the ever-changing nature and demands of consumers.

Advertising Week 2018 Recap – Harnessing the Power of Human Connection

Many can agree that capturing the attention of your consumer has turned into a tedious task. She explained that humans can process an image in 13 milliseconds, which means brands need to cultivate content that is visually intriguing. A few ways brands can achieve this is by:. The only difference is that they are migrating away from traditional cable television to direct-to-consumer services that provide more user control.

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This has created a massive opportunity for advertisers to generate more interactive ways to connect with their audiences. Course Overview Transcript View Offline Exercise Files - Millennials have truly changed the game…and shifted the needle in more ways than one. Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll. Author Chelsea Krost. In this course, learn what this generation actually values, and how to leverage proven marketing strategies to effectively target this powerful audience.

Millennial marketing expert Chelsea Krost kicks off the course by explaining who millennials are and debunking common millennial stereotypes.

Robo Advice – A catalyst for change in the UK

Chelsea offers specific tactics that you can use to optimize your organization's digital and social presence, and shares strategies for upping your content marketing efforts to inspire and engage consumers. To wrap up, she covers influencer marketing—including how to find the right influencer for your business—and goes over fundamental social media marketing concepts.

Topics include: Cite the ways in which millennials are a catalyst for change. Describe effective ways to attract millennials to an event. Explain how to define your signature traffic builder. Describe how referral and affiliate links help generate traffic. Summarize the top five ways to compensate an influencer. Explain the importance of creating a social media content calendar.

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Preview course. Neil Blumenthal on Branding with Neil Blumenthal.

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Advanced Consumer Behavior with Michael R. Search This Course Clear Search. Welcome 1m 42s. Understanding the Millennial Mindset. Who are millennials? Debunking millennial stereotypes 3m 27s. Millennial micro markets 4m 6s. Millennials are the catalyst for change 4m 6s. Modern and Digital Marketing Tactics. What do millennials value?