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Welcome to RF, Popcornfish. We're glad to hane you here. The first step is to be born again. Then God's Spirit will direct and give understanding and teach you His Word and make it real to you. Have you trusted Christ as your Saviour?


Andy C Well-Known Member. Welcome to the forum. Can the infallibility of the Bible be proven? When people speak of the Bible as infallible , they claim it is completely trustworthy, fully true, and without the ability to teach any error. Evidence is gleaned from a study of the ancient manuscripts, archaeology, extra-biblical history, and other fields of study.

Unlike some religious literature, the Bible has a verifiable historical basis—the cities, geography, nations, people, and other facts of the Bible are set within literal time and history.

Of special importance in the matter of biblical infallibility is the consistent transmission of the biblical manuscripts. Technically speaking, the inspiration of the Bible is limited to the original autographs.

The Dead Sea Scrolls include approximately copies of Old Testament books dating from 2, years ago. These manuscripts prove the amazing consistency with which the Hebrew text was copied and its accuracy safeguarded through the centuries. For the New Testament, more than 5, manuscripts and manuscript fragments exist in the original Greek text.

The earliest fragments are only one generation removed from the original copies. The New Testament has more early copies to support its accuracy than any other ancient writing. The text itself can be shown to be extremely accurate, and the subject matter can be supported through a variety of fields of study. The external evidence supports the internal claim that the Bible is unlike any other book in history. The Bible is accurate, authoritative, and infallible.

Its teachings are from God Himself and worthy of our devotion Psalm —3.

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What is the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture? What does it mean that the Bible is sufficient? To say the Scriptures are sufficient means that the Bible is all we need to equip us for a life of faith and service. No other writings are necessary for this good news to be understood, nor are any other writings required to equip us for a life of faith. No man-made writing is sufficient to equip us for every good work; only the Word of God can do that.


Furthermore, if the Scriptures are sufficient to thoroughly equip us, then nothing more is needed. Colossians 2 deals with the dangers a church faces when the sufficiency of Scripture is challenged and merged with non-biblical writings, full of ungodly theology and concepts. The Bible is all that is necessary for the believer to understand the character of God, the nature of man, and the doctrines of sin, heaven, hell, and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Perhaps the strongest verses on the issue of the sufficiency of the Bible come from the book of Psalms. The sufficiency of Scripture is under attack today, and, sadly, that attack comes far too often in our own churches. Management techniques, worldly methods of drawing crowds, entertainment, extra-biblical revelations, mysticism, and some forms of psychological counseling all declare that the Bible and its precepts are not adequate for the Christian life.

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His voice is all we need to hear and the Scriptures are His voice, completely and utterly sufficient. Kaatje Well-Known Member. Hello Popcornfish, be very welcome on the Forum and within the Fellowship. Popcornfish said:. I started going to Christian forums when I got my first computer.

SonSeeker Well-Known Member. Extending my also, Popcornfish. ShilohRose Well-Known Member.

Al Roker just got back from Greenland, and he’s horrified by what he saw there

Welcome to the Rapture Forums, Popcornfish! What general region of Maryland are you from? Well-Known Member. Those are part of the emitters that change matter into energy. Throughout all of Star Trek beaming up or down has been a big deal, and has led to many memorable episodes. However, had Gene Roddenberry had enough money to depict the Enterprise landing on planets every week, the transporter may never have become so important.

G. D. Love And His Down & Dirty - Beam Me Up, Scotty (Vinyl) | Discogs

Look like no one on Discovery will say it either. That is, unless Scotty guest-stars at some future point.

TOS Obsession transporter scene

By Ryan Britt on June 22, You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. To learn more see our Cookies Policy. Image: William Shatner via shutterstock.

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One major issue Shatner took with the app was the requirement to follow another celebrity: Source: William Shatner The app is only available to those with verified Facebook pages in the US, with plans to roll out the service to other countries in the coming months. Short URL.

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